Branding and Logo design

kindly f*ck off (kfo)

Kindly F*ck Off (KFO)  came to Digital Essence with a brand idea and needed help branding their business and coming up with a logo that spoke their message, loud and clear.

Within the fitness industry, men often describe the gym as their sanctuary, or their escape from the outside world. But we realized not a lot of women could relate to that same feeling. Most women have been raised to be practically paranoid of our surroundings. We go to the bathroom in pairs for safety reasons just as often as we do for social ones. We can’t always ignore the old man who won’t stop staring at our ass, & it’s not easy to tell a meathead that we have a few sets left on that machine before he can use it. ​ Regardless of their intentions when approaching us, women feel they have to smile & nod at times when most men would just say f*ck off. ​ This brand is NOT about discouraging men, but instead is about empowering women so they can wear whatever they want, use any equipment they need, & workout in peace. So if they don’t want to say it, we will say it for them: kindly f*ck off.” -Taylor Burch, Owner.